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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kenapa semua orang abaikan budak yang kena langgar tu???

Sejak pertama kali tengok berita budak kena langgar 2x dan dibiarkan oleh orang yang lalu lalang, memang hati su ni tertanya-tanya sangat, kenapa semua orang buat tak tau je kat budak tu.. Su memang sangat-sangat tak boleh terima apa yang diorang buat. Su rasa tak logik sebagai manusia, diorang langsung tak terdetik untuk tolong budak tu..

Then semalam, masa sembang2 dengan kawan kat ofis ni yang berbangsa Cina, dia pun bagitahu lah kat kitorang yang kat China memang macam tu. Sebab kalau diorang tolong, diorang pulak yang akan dipersalahkan. Tapi sayangnya masa sembang2 tu agak terhad.Jadi su tak tahu apa kisah sebenarnya.

Maka hari ni su terjumpalah 2 link ini yang bagi su, jelas menerangkan kenapa 18 orang yang lalu tu sanggup buat tak tahu je kat budak kecik tu. sedih sangat-sangat..Budak tu lebih kurang baya Aulia' je..

Tapi, pandangan su sendiri, kesalahan utama adalah pada ibu bapa budak tu. Diorang cuai. Biarkan anak sekecil tu merewang sorang-sorang. kalau su, su memang takkan lepaskan tangan aulia'. Dia budak kecik, tak faham lagi erti bahaya.

Lepas baca apa yg tertulis kat 2 website tu, cuma satu je yang terlintas di hati & fikiran su. Mudah-mudahan budaya/amalan macam ni takkan berlaku di Malaysia. Moga kita terus menjadi warganegara yang saling membantu dan yang paling penting, semoga kita terus menghayati ajaran Islam supaya saling mengasihi dan menyayangi antara satu sama lain.

Mmm..ini adalah link2 berkaitan:

-kejadian sebenar kat sini
-komen orang2 China sendiri kat sini.

Sedikit komen2 dari website tu yang su nak copy paste kat sini:

-With regards to this incident, we first cannot blame the driver, who makes a living with his physical labor. We cannot close our eyes and demand that he bear too much responsibility, as he didn’t mean to hit someone either, and it was definitely very difficult to have noticed [the child], and afterward he was conflicted too, only he was afraid of bearing the burden of compensation and that’s why he chose to run away. I can sympathize with him. After all, running away means still having a life to live while not running might mean his life is completely ruined. Though running away means his conscience is to be condemned, how important is one’s conscience for the rabble where simply getting enough to eat is already a major accomplishment? Not betraying one’s conscience in reality is a kind of spiritual luxury.
The people who passed by are also not worthy of being blamed. To conclude that they are cold-blooded for turning a blind eye is a bit arbitrary. If it were a small cat or a small dog struggling on the ground, I think they would definitely give their attention, even kneel down to investigate the injuries, maybe even carrying them home to nurse them back to health. But when it is a child, everyone pretends they don’t see, it is always like this, almost without exception. This is not about whether or not a person is cold-blooded or not cold-blooded, but it is definitely about there being a very serious problem in society. These days, it is better to be less involved than more involved. Getting involved may very well mean getting majorly screwed. There are really too many of these kind of precedents, and everyone has silently evolved from these observations. No one is more qualified than anyone else to criticize.

The China Daily reported incidents in January in which elderly men who fell in the street were left alone because people did not want to get involved.
It cited an earlier case in which a man, Peng Yu, who helped an injured elderly lady to hospital was then found by a court to be liable for some of her medical costs.

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