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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Article - Dad's Roles in Breastfeeding

Hello all!! Hari ni su nak kongsikan dengan kawan-kawan semua, artikel yang su buat untuk assignment newsletter masa Modul Pengukuhan Bahasa baru-baru ni. Kumpulan su buat tema breastfeeding. Setiap kami kena sediakan satu artikel. So dis is mine.. Enjoy reading!

Dad’s Roles in Breastfeeding

By: Suhaili binti Mohamad Zahidi, Sidang A

According to Tom Johnston, a midwife, lactation consultant and father of seven breastfed babies, a discouraging father could damage his family’s chances at breastfeeding success as many mothers struggle with confidence when breastfeeding. So loving dad, your roles are indeed critical especially in a mother that is breastfeeding for the first time.

During her pregnancy, the first thing that you can do is to attend breastfeeding seminar with your wife where you will be equipped with ample information on breastfeeding and give you understanding on why your wife decided to breastfeed. You will learn the benefits of breastfeeding for your wife and child, and how to actually support her when she is in need. Next, look for a baby friendly hospital and get her a good gynaecologist who supports breastfeeding. This will make sure that both your wife and baby have good start in their breastfeeding journey as a good start does have significant impact.

Later when the baby is born, learn how to swaddle, change and clean your baby and give time for your wife to recover especially during the first few weeks after delivery as she is still weak. You may also join her in her sleepless night by getting the baby and change a diaper before handing the hungry baby to the mother. Then you may burp the baby, or even play with him/her if he/she refuses to sleep.

Before your wife gets back to work, buy her a good breast pump complete with cooler bag and chillers and bottle or liners to store her expressed milk. Acknowledge her efforts by providing her your full support. Remember, your support often makes the difference in whether a woman sticks with breastfeeding and succeeds or gives up before she really learns how.

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